Basic Program $500/mo.

• The big three: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
• A Dedicated Social Media Analyst
• Daily Manual Posting & Monitoring On Your Social Media Managed Platform


Advantage Program $750/mo.

• Five Social Media Platforms
• Daily Manual Posting & Monitoring On Your Social Media Managed Platforms
• New content is created from our initial and monthly consultations with you


Enterprise Program $1,195/mo.

• Eight Social Media Platforms
• Optimization of your Social Media Accounts, Profiles, Pictures, and Videos
• Research of your inustry, trends, and competitors


With over half a billion people on board, it's hard to ignore the marketing capabilities of social media...

social media marketing strategies SDB Creative Group

With more and more people flocking to social networking sites, no business around can afford to ignore using social networks in their marketing campaigns.

Twitter, with more than 105,000,000 users on board, has the potential of driving literally millions of potential new customers to any business. Facebook is another big player, of course, with more than 520,000,000 user records in its databases. These two networks collectively have the power of boosting the revenues of any business beyond what is possible through any other means.

Listen, Engage, Socialize- Boost Revenues.

Social media sites have opened the doors of communications amongst individuals, brands, organizations and governments. People are constantly sharing tidbits of valuable information about their lives- their ineterests, opinions, likes, dislikes, what they eat, what they watch, what they buy, where they are going on their next family vacation. This valuable information, known as "psychographics", can help you better understand your target market and how they feel about your brand.

Once you begin to understand what your target market is saying, or not saying, about your brand or organization you will be in a better position to engage and socialize with them. But with so many social networks and so many conversations taking place- where do you start and how do you effectively engage with these communities without taking time away from your day to day operations? Unless you have a department that fully understands social media through and through, you are better off hiring proffesionals.

SDB Social Link is a full service social media agency with the expertise and ability to manage, monitor and enhance your online image and reputation... read more.