Frequently Asked Question's

Will I still have access to my page?
Yes! We always want our clients to monitor & contribute to their social brand. You will receive all logins, usernames and passwords to all of your platforms.

Do you keep my platforms from being hacked?
Yes! We periodically change passwords to prevent any hacking. We also monitor each platform multiples times daily to be safe.

How do you come up with the content?
We offer you a full Client Needs Analysis to gather information about your company, brand and services. From that, we are able to get a good idea of content for your pages. Whether itís information from your website or marketing materials or we get all the information from you so we can then map out a plan to post things accordingly. Your dedicated Social Media Analyst also researches market trends, your competition & finds pertinent articles to post, as well.

What if I want to change something?
Thatís easy! Changing anything is almost immediate! Whether itís a portion of your profile or the nature of your posts, your dedicated analyst is available every weekday to make that change.

Can this work with my website?
Definitely! We encourage integration across all forms of your marketing. With your website, Social Media creates more links back to your website that will also, in turn, work to organically grow your search engine optimization.

How will this work with my other advertising?
Integration is the key! In all advertising you do, we encourage you to include all of your Social Marketing info on all of your commercials & marketing materials. Whether itís verbally saying, ĎFind us on Facebook,í or adding icons to business cards & brochures, integration is extremely important for your Social Media presence to be felt.

What social media platforms does SDB SocialLink offer management of?
We offer many different platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google Buzz and Foursquare/Facebook Places/Google Places. We also offer Constant Contact, an email marketing service. We are also always analyzing other new and emerging platforms to stay ahead of the social marketing curve.

What makes SDB SocialLink better than someone else?
Our experience and our expertise set us apart from our competition. We are certified in Social Media management. We have attended the Social Fresh Social Media Conference in Tampa, FL, and are constantly learning more about current platforms through extensive webinars and training from the top names in the industry.

Do you offer training?
Yes, we do! We offer extensive training to show you how to do it yourself. Prices vary. Give one of our Marketing Consultants a call for more information.

Is there a contract?
No, but we do encourage all clients to give this aspect of their marketing some time in order to garner new fans and create client loyalty.

What will my first charge include?
Your first charge includes the following: A $300 setup fee + the prorated amount depending on the day of initial set-up + the fee for the next monthís services. For instance, if you started on May 4 on a $750 package, youíd pay: $300 (one-time fee) + $675 (prorated amount for the rest of May) + $750 (for June) = $1725. All subsequent months are drafted every 20th of the month for the monthly charge only.

Can I change plans?
Sure! You can change plans at any time. (Any extra prorated fees will be added or subtracted accordingly.)

Can you help me with my website?
Of course! We believe that a great website is an integral part of your online marketing. We offer a variety of different website packages to fit every budget. Contact one of our Marketing Consultants for more information.