Our Mission: To help organizations engage in social media through honest conversations in order to further their credibility, gain advocates and increase sales through word of mouth.


SDB Social Link is a full service, innovative and creative social media agency that helps brands cultivate and engage in social media conversations.

Our in-depth understanding of social media and digital marketing, combined with creativity and innovation, allows us to effectively consult on, engineer and execute social media marketing strategies that yield results.

The Importance of Social Media

Simply put, human beings are social by nature. We thrive on building communities that revolve around social interaction and conversations to varying degrees. Conversations within communities are nothing new. In fact, they help define both the community and the individual.

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For over a century, with the invention of mass publications and broadcast media, the conversation between individuals (consumers) and those that offered products and services (brands, businesses, governments and other organizations) became extremely one sided with traditional marketing dominating the conversation. Within the last decade, with the rise of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the balance in communication within communities has been restored to its natural state. This explains why we’re spending less of our time consuming broadcast media and more of it having conversations in communities within social media.

Now that the natural state of communication within communities has been restored, people are talking about brands, products, services, businesses, governments and organizations at all hours of the day, in countless forms of social media. Individuals are sharing and seeking opinions online about products and services before making purchase decisions. Opinions and feedback found in online communities are trusted more than a brand’s own website, and a lot more than advertising. This explains why there is a strong correlation between online conversation and sales.

Us, Social Media and Your Brand

We help you get "in" on the conversations currently taking place. We help you discover your brands biggest fans and create, design and execute effective conversations to share your message, create and deliver promotions, launch new products, gather key feedback, and create a buzz so that your fans spread the word online and offline. We teach you and your staff how to integrate social media and word of mouth marketing into all that your organization does. Then we track our combined efforts along the way, so you know when, where and how the buzz is generated.

Ready to get started? Browse through our different plans and choose the one that fits your needs or contact our social media experts and they will help you choose the right plan that fits your needs.